We know that post-secondary education costs money, and studying is hard enough without worrying about the cost of books or rent. Therefore, consider applying for a CTM scholarship so you can worry a little less about expenses!

The principal purpose is to support post-secondary education, for the children and grandchildren of policyholders, of Caradoc Townsend Mutual Insurance Company (CTM).

Applications may be received from the children or grandchildren of CTM policyholders, whom are under the age of 25 years, as of December 31, 2023, as well as from policyholders themselves who are under 25 years of age and are enrolled in post-secondary education, either academic or technical, to improve their life skills, to become productive citizens within their respective communities.

First Prize: $2,500 David McNamara Memorial Scholarship Award

Two Runners Up: $1,000 CTM Scholarship Award

For CTM Education Scholarships and the Dave McNamara Memorial Scholarship Award, this year’s topic is as follows:

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is rapidly gaining in prevalence and importance to companies big and small all over the globe. ESG is a measure of an organization’s ability to manage sustainability efforts, ethical practices and corporate governance.

In the insurance industry, there are many considerations from an environmental perspective beyond the underwriting implications. What commitments are insurance companies making to future generations, and how are they factoring in climate change, energy efficiency and reducing waste?

CTM is a mutual insurance company, which means we are owned by our policyholders, and we care deeply about our communities. The social aspect of ESG means that we as insurers should be asking ourselves questions like how can we contribute more to our local community, how do we ensure our policyholders are satisfied, and have we made appropriate steps to ensure we promote diversity and inclusion?

Governance is the last piece of ESG, which looks at how we as organizations conduct ourselves. ESG calls for responsible organizational actions and behaviours. The Insurance industry is highly regulated, so some of the factors that insurers should consider in the governance dimension are how we hold ourselves accountable to our directors and each other, whether we have pushed to diversify our leadership team and board of directors, and are we operating in regulatory compliance.

Of the three pillars of ESG, what pillar do you think should be most important to insurance companies? And how do you see ESG principles being integrated into business in the future?

Scholarship Application 2023

The deadline for submissions is November 17th, 2023.

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