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About Residential Insurance

Your home is one of the most significant investments you’ll make. A Residential Insurance Policy protects your investment and your loved ones’ most valued possessions. Having insurance is all about peace of mind, and we can provide you with policies that are worth coming home to.

At CTM, our team of agents and brokers takes time to get to know you and tailor a policy to meet your needs. With Residential Insurance, there is a wide variety of coverage options, and it can seem daunting, contact our team of experts for a no-obligation quote. 

We invite you to speak with us today about insurance for:

  • Homeowners
  • Condominium
  • Tenant
  • Seasonal
  • Rental

A Homeowners Package covers not only your home but also your valuables within it. The package also includes detached private structures (such as a garden shed,) personal liability and more. Your agent at CTM will help you personalize your coverage and inform you about options like water coverage and guaranteed replacement cost.

A Condominium Package covers your personal property and liability. The package bridges the gap between what your condo corporation covers and what your personal package covers. With different types of condos available and different coverage options, speak to a CTM agent to get their expert advice.  

If you are renting an apartment or a home, you need Tenant Insurance to ensure you’re protected. Tenant Packages cover your personal property, such as your clothes and electronics. Make sure you have the coverage you need today by speaking with an expert.

If you have a cottage, a permanently situated trailer or a hunting cabin, a Seasonal Package is the coverage you need. At CTM, we can help you find the right dwelling and liability coverage for your seasonal property.

If you are a landlord, you want to ensure your investment is protected. Our Rental Package covers your rental dwelling, contents and liability. The team of agents at CTM has the expert advice you need to cover your rental.

What is included in a Residential Insurance Package?

Dwelling Coverage is coverage for the structure of your home, including the roof, exterior walls, fixtures and fittings that are permanently affixed, and attached structures like decks, porches and attached garages. Dwelling coverage does not include personal property or land.  

Detached Private Structures include structures on your property that are not part of or attached to your main dwelling, such as detached garages or garden sheds.

Additional Living Expenses is coverage that responds in the event that you are forced out of your home due to an insured loss, and reimburses you for reasonable expenses for the increased cost of living during that period when you are out of your home.

Personal Property Coverage covers physical possessions in your home, such as your clothing, furniture, appliances and electronics

The Personal Liability Coverage on your home insurance policy protects you in the event that you are found legally liable for a bodily injury or property damage.

CTM Discounts

With Residential Insurance Policies at CTM, our team of agents and brokers will work with you to find all the discounts you qualify for on your new Residential Policy.

Applies to Homeowners, Condominiums, Tenants and Season properties that have a monitored alarm system.

Applies to Homeowners, Condominiums, Tenants, and Season properties that have a permanently installed automatic generator.

Applies to Homeowners, Condominiums, Tenants, Rental, and Seasonal properties where the insured has been continuously claims free for the past 3 years.

Applies to Homeowners, including mobile, Condominiums, Tenants, and Seasonal properties if the named insured is aged 50 or older.

Applies to Homeowners, including mobile, Condominiums, Tenants, and Seasonal properties where there is no mortgage on the property.

Applies to Homeowners, including mobile, Condominiums, Tenants, and Seasonal properties where the named insured has both the primary home and auto policies in force with CTM.

Applies to Plus Form Homeowners only if the risk is 3 years claims free, multi-line discount applies, hydrant and Firehall protected, and no surcharges are applied.

Interested in learning more about the mutual difference? Contact us for a quote today!

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