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The Board of Directors is elected by the members, and each Director is also a policyholder. They don’t report to far away speculative shareholders. Instead, they govern the company with the long-term needs of the member-customers in mind. Here are our current directors:
Director Location Term First Elected
Marv Schupp (Chair) Mt. Brydges 2020-2023 2015
Jill Chuli (Vice Chair) Waterford 2021-2024 2010
Barry Woodley (Past Chair) Boston 2020-2023 2005
Susan Clarke Mt. Brydges 2022-2025 2016
Brian deJeu Mt. Brydges 2022-2025 2003
Robin Opersko Townsend Centre 2022-2025 2014
John VanRyssen Simcoe 2021-2024 2016
Aaron McQueen Fisherville 2022-2023 2022
Christine Brutin Simcoe 2022-2024 2022

Would you like to be a director at CTM? 

Thank you for your interest in our mutual insurance company! The information here is intended to give you some background on what is involved with being a Director of Caradoc Townsend.

Taking on this challenge is a commitment, both in terms of yourself and your time. It is also a great and very rewarding way to give back to
the community and support your neighbours.

What is the process?

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually held in late March. At each AGM, three of our nine directors are retired; this means that their term of service is over, and three directors are elected. A director whose term is ending may choose to stand for re-election and serve another term.

Occasionally, more than three directors may be elected if a director has retired.

The term of service is three years.

A person is not qualified to be a Director unless he or she has been a policyholder in good standing for at least one year. There are additional qualifications outlined in the by-laws and Corporations Act. If you wish to let your name stand for election, you must file written intent to do so with the Secretary of the Company no later than twenty days before the published starting time of the Annual Meeting. The AGM will be scheduled for a date before the end of March, at a time and location to be determined.

The deadline to submit your written intent will be 20 days prior to the date and time of the Annual Meeting. Any names submitted after that time will not be accepted.

What does a director do?

As a director, you will sit on the board at CTM and help craft and support the company’s long-term goals and strategy. You will also provide oversight on behalf of all policyholders at CTM. You may also be asked to serve on one of the board’s committees to further support CTM’s mission.

The Board meets approximately ten times a year for regular meetings, usually on the last Monday of every month. Committees have mandates that dictate how often they should meet; some are annual, and some are quarterly.

In addition to the board meetings, directors are expected to attend the AGM, strategic planning sessions (typically 1-2 days each year), and
complete continuing education hours to further their knowledge of the insurance industry and the board’s role in governance.

We also encourage our directors to attend conventions and group meetings for the mutual community in Canada and North America.

And finally, we want our directors attending our company social events to get to know the staff that support our policyholders on a daily basis.

How do I apply?

If this sounds like something you are interested in, send a letter of intent along with your CV to with the subject line “Director Position.” Please remember that the deadline to apply is 20 days before our AGM.

Where can I get more detailed information?

A more detailed description of the process and requirements is also here: CTM Be A Director.

If you have specific questions, you can also contact us directly at or 1-888-302-6052

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