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The Board of Directors is elected by the members, and each Director is also a policyholder. They don’t report to far away speculative shareholders. Instead, they govern the company with the long-term needs of the member-customers in mind.

Here are our current directors:

Marv Schupp

Location: Mt. Brydges  Term: 2023 - 2026  First Elected: 2015 Email: MSchupp@ctmins.ca

“I am a strong believer in the Mutual System. I bring to the table more than thirty years of entrepreneurial experience and common sense thinking and problem-solving required for business success.”

Marv immigrated to Canada from Germany as a young boy and spent his formative years in London Ontario. Marv is a widowed father of four grown children and a proud grandfather to three beautiful children. He lives on a rural property near Mount Brydges, where looking after the gardens and lawn keeps him busy after working hours. He is an avid motorcyclist with a passion for classic cars, Toronto Maple Leafs hockey, Toronto Blue Jays baseball, music, and travelling to fill his leisure time.

Marv is currently Past Chair at CTM. He served two years as Chair and three years as Vice Chair. He joined the Board of Caradoc Delaware Mutual Insurance Company in 2015 and has been on the Board of CTM since the inception of the company.

Marv is a licensed General Carpenter, achieving his certification in 1983. He is a self-employed general contractor specializing in custom residential millwork and renovations. Marv has been serving London, Ontario, and the surrounding area in this capacity since 1991.

Marv has a high school diploma, as well as all necessary mandatory courses taken at both George Brown College in Toronto and Connestoga College in Guelph, in basic and advanced carpentry. These college programs were a requirement for his trade certification. He received his Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities Certificate of Qualification as a General Carpenter in January 1983. In March of 2023, Marv received his Ontario Mutual Insurance Association Directors Certificate designating him as an OMIA Accredited Director.

Jill Chuli (Past Chair)

Location: Waterford Term: 2021-2024 First Elected: 2010 Email: JChuli@ctmins.ca

“I am honoured to represent the policyholders, work strategically with the Management team, be effective in governance and oversight and create long-term sustainability at CTM.”

Born, raised and currently living in Waterford with husband Rick of 38 years, she enjoys the benefits of living in a small-town community. They are parents of two adult daughters, Elaine and Ericka.

Jill was elected to the Caradoc Townsend Mutual Board of Directors in 2010. She is the current Chair and sits on the Audit and CTM Care committees. Additionally, in 2018 she was elected to the Farm Mutual RE Insurance Board in Cambridge. She sits on the Conduct Review and Risk Committee and is Chair of the Audit Committee.

Jill’s career, spanning over 34 years, has been dedicated to the successful operation of small businesses in the agriculture and automotive industries. Jill retired in 2018 as Secretary-Treasurer of Robert H. Laning & Sons Limited, a family-owned farm equipment distribution company operating in Eastern Canada for over 50 years. Throughout her career, Jill was also heavily involved in family-owned Waterford Auto Centre Inc. (formerly Chuli’s Chevrolet Oldsmobile Limited), operating in Waterford for over 50 years.

Jill graduated in 1984 from the Ryerson University Business Administration Program and obtained her OMIA Director Certification in 2018. Additionally, she has found educational value as a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors since 2018.

In her spare time, Jill enjoys spending time with her family, walking her dogs and golfing. She is a member of the Villa Nova Baptist Church and Norfolk 100 Women Who Care.

Barry Woodley

Location: Boston Term: 2023 - 2026 First Elected: 2005 Email: BWoodley@ctmins.ca

I am passionate about agriculture, and a big believer in the Mutual philosophy of policyholder ownership, giving back to the community as a corporate citizen, and being there for one another when the unexpected occurs,

Barry grew up in Boston, Ontario. His passion for agriculture began on the family farm, later developing into a greenhouse business and cash crops. This continues to sharpen his skills in business management, human resources, and growing flowers that will thrive in southern Ontario.

Barry’s great-great Grandfather was a founding Director of Townsend Mutual, and in 2005, Barry followed in his family’s footsteps as a Director. He held the position of Board Chair when the Company amalgamated with Caradoc Delaware in 2018 to become Caradoc Townsend Mutual. Barry was the Board Chair for 7 years and now continues as a Director and policyholder.

He enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 adult children. Barry continues to grow and develop flowers with great fervour, living just outside of Boston and now passing on the family business to the next generation.

Susan Clarke

Location: Mt. Brydges Term: 2022 - 2025 First Elected: 2016 Email: SClarke@ctmins.ca

Brian deJeu (Chair)

Location: Mt. Brydges Term: 2022 - 2025 First Elected: 2003 Email: BdeJeu@ctmins.ca

“I value clear and concise communication, which leads to strong relationships and trust. I enjoy problem-solving and effectively managing tasks through to their final product.”

Brian grew up in Delaware, ON and lived briefly in London, ON, while his wife completed her Master’s in Social Work. They moved to Mount Brydges to raise their two children, who are both currently enrolled in University at King’s College and Waterloo University. Brian values his time spent with his family, enjoying the outdoors, hiking or walking his two dogs, and time spent at their cottage.

First elected to a predecessor board (Caradoc Delaware Mutual) in 2003, Brian was subsequently elected to the CTM board in 2018 upon amalgamation. He currently holds the position of Vice-Chair and sits on many committees, including Chairing the Conduct Review Committee. He is also the CTM Group B representative (Chair 2019). Brian also held the position of Vice-Chair and Chair at the predecessor company.

Brian has been employed in various roles at Steelway Building Systems in Aylmer, ON, since 1995. In his initial role as a member of the Drafting department, Brian worked on detailing and checking structural steel buildings, which requires high accuracy. He also fulfilled roles as an ISO auditor, Product Development, Contract Reviewer and, currently, MBS Technical Specialist.

After graduating from Fanshawe College from the Architectural Technology Program, Brian also studied Organizational Behaviour and Organizing Project Teams through continuing adult education.  In 2019, Brian received his OMIA Directors Certificate and continues to take training opportunities yearly through OMIA.

Robin Opersko (Vice Chair)

Location: Townsend Centre Term: 2022 - 2025 First Elected: 2014 Email: ROpersko@ctmins.ca

“I committed to the position of a Director on the Board of a mutual insurance company to promote integrity and honesty based on the history of its formation and community involvement. I hope to play a leadership role in the company’s success.”

I am currently a Director on the Board of Caradoc Townsend Mutual Insurance Company. I was first elected to the Board of Townsend Mutual Insurance in 2014, and in 2018 was elected to the Caradoc Townsend Mutual Insurance Board. I am currently Chair of the Audit and Human Resources Advisory Committees.

I am currently retired but was employed in the management of two industrial gas corporations spanning a period of almost 35 years. I have served as a voting member on 3 CSA Transportation of Dangerous Goods Technical Committees and as Chair of the Canadian Compressed Gas Association Transportation Committee. I was also privileged to receive the Morris Gold Award from the Canadian Compressed Gas Association in recognition of my outstanding long-term contribution and leadership in the compressed gas industry.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, majoring in Resource Management. I possess a commercial driver’s license as well as a pilot and motorcycle license. I have lived in the Waterford, Ontario area with my wife and two children for most of my life.

John VanRyssen

Location: Simcoe Term: 2021 - 2024 First Elected: 2016 Email: JVanRyssen@ctmins.ca

“I am passionate about getting as much information as possible before making decisions. I also

believe in getting others’ perspectives on an issue so that we, as a collective, can make the best

possible decision. I bring financial expertise and management skills to the board of CTM.”

John lives in Simcoe with his wife Rachelle, daughter Khrisiten and son Gerrit. John has lived in Simcoe for the past 50 years. His hobbies include reading, gardening and going for drives through the countryside.

John was first elected to the board in 2016. John is the Past Chair of the Investment Committee and Conduct Review Committee. John has been working as a controller for a 5-Store Farm Equipment Dealership.

John has a business degree from Mohawk College and completed Level 4 of The CGA Program.

Aaron McQueen

Location: Fisherville Term: 2023 - 2026 First Elected: 2022 Email: AMcQueen@ctmins.ca

“I strive to help local farmers and community members improve their lives and business. I bring a youthful perspective to problem-solving as a Director on the CTM Board.”

Aaron lives in Fisherville with his wife, Shannen, where they enjoy raising their two young boys on the farm.

Aaron has served on the CTM board since 2022 and sits on the HR and Conduct Review Committees. Aaron has held positions selling both agricultural crop inputs and equipment. In 2018 he launched AA Crop Company which specializes in providing farmers of the Haldimand clay plain with seed and crop consulting solutions.

Aaron is an Ontario Certified Crop Advisor with a designation as a Nutrient Management Specialist. He attended the University of Guelph, obtaining a diploma in agricultural science.

Would you like to be a Director at CTM?

Thank you for your interest in our mutual insurance company! The information here is intended to give you some background on what is involved with being a Director of Caradoc Townsend.

Taking on this challenge is a commitment, both in terms of yourself and your time. It is also a great and very rewarding way to give back to
the community and support your neighbours.

What is the process?

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually held in late March. At each AGM, three of our nine directors are retired; this means that their term of service is over, and three directors are elected. A director whose term is ending may choose to stand for re-election and serve another term.

Occasionally, more than three directors may be elected if a director has retired.

The term of service is three years.

A person is not qualified to be a Director unless he or she has been a policyholder in good standing for at least one year. There are additional qualifications outlined in the by-laws and Corporations Act. If you wish to let your name stand for election, you must file written intent to do so with the Secretary of the Company no later than twenty days before the published starting time of the Annual Meeting. The AGM will be scheduled for a date before the end of March, at a time and location to be determined.

The deadline to submit your written intent will be 20 days prior to the date and time of the Annual Meeting. Any names submitted after that time will not be accepted.

What does a Director do?

As a director, you will sit on the board at CTM and help craft and support the company’s long-term goals and strategy. You will also provide oversight on behalf of all policyholders at CTM. You may also be asked to serve on one of the board’s committees to further support CTM’s mission.

The Board meets approximately ten times a year for regular meetings, usually on the last Monday of every month. Committees have mandates that dictate how often they should meet; some are annual, and some are quarterly.

In addition to the board meetings, directors are expected to attend the AGM, strategic planning sessions (typically 1-2 days each year), and complete continuing education hours to further their knowledge of the insurance industry and the board’s role in governance.

We also encourage our directors to attend conventions and group meetings for the mutual community in Canada and North America.

And finally, we want our directors attending our company social events to get to know the staff that support our policyholders on a daily basis.

How do I apply to be a Director?

If this sounds like something you are interested in, send a letter of intent along with your CV to HR@ctmins.ca with the subject line “Director Position.” Please remember that the deadline to apply is 20 days before our AGM.

Where can I get more information?

A more detailed description of the process and requirements is also here: CTM Be A Director.

If you have specific questions, you can also contact us directly at contact@ctmins.ca or 1-888-302-6052

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