It’s no secret that despite the best efforts of businesses across the country, cyber-crime is on the rise and the impacts can be devastating. Our new Cyber Suite insurance package offers a new way to combat the effects of cyber-crime on commercial and farming operations.

Types of Coverage

Breach of Personal Information

First and third-party protection, which provides the insured with the resources to respond to a breach of "personally identifying information" and "personally sensitive information," as well as defense and settlement costs in the event of a legal action alleging that a system security failure on the part of the insured causing damage to a third-party.

Operational Systems

First and third-party protection, which responds to a "computer hack" that damages an insured's data and systems, as well as providing defense and settlement costs in the event of legal action alleging that information displayed by the insured on a website caused damage to a third party.

Identity Recovery

A first-party coverage which provides owners of the insured business with case management service and financial resources to recover control of their identities after an identity theft. 

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