CTM Care

In May 2020, CTM launched a community support initiative called CTM Care in response to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. The aims of the campaign are to help our communities revive and thrive. CTM allocated $100,000 in funds for 2020 to support efforts in our local communities that focus on healthcare, food security, mental well-being, senior support and vulnerable people. Thanks to our reinsurance company, Farm Mutual Re, who generously provided us with an additional $40,000 in support, CTM had a total budget of $140,000.

Based on input from our agents, staff members, and directors, the community services that have been targeted for support fall into the following broad categories:

  • Support for Food Banks
  • Support for Mental Health initiatives
  • Support for other Healthcare providers
  • Support for Seniors
  • Support for vulnerable people, including domestic violence victims


Having dedicated a significant portion of our time and support in 2020 towards food security and support for the elderly in our communities, we set out with the goal to focus more on mental health in 2021. Our flagship action was a summer wellness campaign – Move for Mental Health. It aimed to get CTMers up and moving and raise money for CAMH Centres in Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk and Middlesex. CARE donated $1 for every kilometer we ‘moved.’ Throughout the campaign, we raised $6,000.

One of our primary campaigns so far in 2022 was our Spring into Wellness 2022 Campaign, which saw CTMers split into teams and given up to fifteen fitness and wellness-related activities to complete per week for four weeks. Each team competed on behalf of a charity, and a charitable donation was made for each team from our CTM Care Campaign budget.

We have also supplied additional support for other community initiatives, including agricultural-related societies, support groups, local fairs, youth-related sports, educational opportunities, and legacy projects that ensure the development of our most important resources.

We’ve recently updated our CTM Care application on our website so that our community members and policyholders can contact us directly and let us know how they think we should continue to positively impact our communities. Ian Pickles, the manager of Agency Business Development at CTM, said “COVID really made everyone think about local needs and challenges; we wanted to build something that could support our community through COVID and beyond. CTM CARE does just that, and we are proud of the work already done.”

We at CTM, are committed to continue the important work started with CTM Care and support the pillars outlined in our CTM Care mandate. 

Please click here for the application, and check out our gallery of giving below!

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