As a contractor, it took you years to master your craft. At CTM, we’ve been trusted in Southern Ontario to protect our local communities with sustainable and affordable insurance products since 1879. Our basic contractor’s package covers you for contents, loss of income, crime coverage and Commercial General Liability. Optional coverages include installation floater, coverage for rental equipment and contractor tools and equipment coverage.

Types of Coverage

 This helps protect your business assets, like your building, equipment, and inventory, against damage or loss caused by things like fires, storms, or theft.

If your business has to temporarily shut down due to a covered event (like a fire), this coverage can help replace the income you would have earned and cover ongoing expenses while you get back on your feet.

This coverage safeguards your business from financial losses caused by crimes such as employee theft, forgery, or burglary. It helps you recover money or property lost due to criminal acts.

This coverage is like a safety net for your business. It can help protect you if your business is sued for things like bodily injury or property damage caused to others by your products, services, or operations.

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