The Auto Insurance Landscape in Ontario has seen many changes in the recent years. As a result of those changes, we at Caradoc Townsend Mutual can be more competitive than ever with our Auto Insurance rates. 

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We offer coverage for the following types of vehicles:

Private Passenger Vehicle

A private passenger vehicle is a motor vehicle used for personal use, such as commuting to work or school

Recreational Vehicle

Recreational vehicles include ATVs, UTVs, Off-Road Motorcycles and Snowmobiles

Commercial Vehicle

A Commercial vehicle is a vehicle that is used for commercial or business purposes 

Farm Vehicle

Vehicles that are used primarily on a farm with limited road exposure

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Auto Insurance: Mandatory Coverage

The Ontario Government established a Standardized Auto Insurance Policy. Everyone who purchases an Auto Insurance policy in Ontario has the same basic coverage. The included mandatory coverage is:

Offers coverage and protects you in the event of an accident where someone is injured, killed, or their property is damaged, and you are at fault and found to be liable for damages.

Provides you coverage for you when your vehicle is damaged in an auto accident caused by a third party. It also provides coverage for the loss of use of your vehicle resulting from the not-at-fault accident.

Provides you with benefits in the case of an injury sustained in an auto accident, regardless of who is at fault. The coverage under the statutory accident benefits includes Supplementary Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care, Caregiver, Non- Earner and Income Replacement Benefits.

This coverage protects you and your family if another driver hits you and they are uninsured. This coverage also responds to hit-and-run accidents where the other driver is unidentified.

OPCF 44R provides coverage for you and eligible family members in the event of an accident where you are deemed no-at-fault, and the other party has less insurance, no insurance, or the driver is unidentified.

Auto Insurance: Optional Coverage

Most drivers in Ontario require more coverage than what is covered in the mandatory coverages included in the Standard Auto Insurance Policy. The team of agents at CTM takes the time to get to know you and ensure you get the coverage you need. Here are some of the coverages that you may want to discuss with your agent today.

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  • Provides coverage when the automobile is involved in a collision with another object, such as another vehicle or object.

Provides coverage for losses not caused by a collision, such as falling or flying objects, fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, hail, etc.

Sometimes referred to as Accident Forgiveness, this is an optional coverage which allows an eligible Principal Operator to maintain their driving record after one at-fault accident as a result of the ownership, use, or operation of a vehicle.

This is an optional endorsement which allows an eligible Principal Operator protection against their first (oldest) minor conviction in the preceding three (3) years resulting from the ownership, use, or operation of a vehicle. The minor conviction will be ignored for rating and eligibility.

Standard Accident Benefits are included in every Auto Insurance Policy in Ontario. You can purchase increased optional Accident Benefits coverage to better suit your needs. For example, you can increase your income replacement limit from the standard limit of $400 per week to $600, $800, or $1000 per week.

These forms waive depreciation from the necessary repair or replacement of parts having prior unrepaired damage if the Insured/Lessee is the original Owner/Lessee of the automobile and the loss or damage occurs within three (3) Years (36 months) of the original delivery date for private passenger classes and commercial classes. If the eligible period ends during the term of the policy, the coverage will continue until the expiry date of that policy period.

CTM is a local insurer, which means our staff knows the roads you travel every day, and we also know how expensive car insurance can be. We offer a wide range of discounts to our CTM members, such as Multi-Policy, Multi-vehicle, Gen-Now, Retiree, Snow Tire, Mature Driver and many more. 

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