This is something you might not know about us… As a longstanding corporate citizen, CTM proudly supports local agriculture and community organizations; sponsoring: local fairs, youth sports, soil and crop improvement societies, service clubs, and senior support organizations. In addition, we made significant contributions to the Waterford Arena “Raise the Roof” campaign, Norfolk General Hospital Foundation, and The Waterford Heritage Trail, just to name a few.

So next time your at an event in the area, look for our logo!


The following information is provided to help you understand how we compensate the distributor that sells insurance to you.

CTM provides our insurance products through two types of distributors: brokers and dedicated sales agents. Some of our distributors are paid a commission. Commissions are paid at a different percentage depending upon the type of policy purchased.

Our Brokers

Brokers are independent businesses representing several insurance companies. Commissions currently paid to brokers by CTM are as follows:

  • 10-12.5% for Private Passenger & Commercial Automobile Insurance
  • 20% for Personal and Commercial Property Insurance
  • 25% for Non-standard Commercial Property Insurance

Our Agents

Agents are employees of CTM, some of them are paid a salary, and some of them are paid a commission. Commissions currently paid to agents by CTM are as follows:

  • 3-8% for Private Passenger & Commercial Automobile Insurance
  • 8-20% for Personal and Commercial Property Insurance

Other Compensation

In addition, CTM contributes to a matching pension for agents and provides some health and other employment benefits.

If you ask them, our agents and brokers have a duty to tell you the commission being paid on your insurance policy.

Compensation to brokers and agents also includes a performance bonus which we refer to as contingent commission. The formulas to calculate contingent commission include claims costs, policy retention, and continuing education requirements. Contingent commission is not guaranteed, and is averaged over an extended period of time, usually three years.

CTM does not offer any other form of compensation, remuneration, loans, servicing fees to any brokerage or agency that distributes our insurance products.

“We are truly blessed to have such a dedicated team and would recommend CTM to anyone we know.”
R. & K. Roberts

“CTM goes the extra mile to ensure my family is protected. They truly are a pleasure to deal with.”
~ S. Featherstone

“When we were in a nasty car accident, you were more than an insurance agent that night, but truly a friend that cared deeply… Your phone call the next day to see “what you could do for us” means more than you will ever know.”
R. & K. Roberts

“My CTM Agent is always available to answer my questions, and makes sure I have the coverage I need.”
~ R. Featherstone


Learn about us, and what makes us to keep doing what we do. We are driven by our mission: “Beyond Insurance… building on history to protect the future.”

Our History

Caradoc Townsend Mutual (CTM) has served the counties of Ontario’s South Coast for more than a century. CTM began in 1879 by a group of farmers looking for affordable insurance not available through larger, international companies. In the years since, CTM thrived and continued to provide insurance solutions to people across Southern Ontario. With offices in Waterford and Mount Brydges, we are well placed to serve our clients and we remain committed to our communities.

Our Structure

CTM is organized like a co-operative so each customer is also a member, and the members actually own the company! Year after year, the company successfully meets its goal to provide reliable insurance to its members at as low a cost as possible.

The Board of Directors is elected by the members, and each Director is also a policyholder. They don’t report to some far away speculative shareholders but instead, they govern the comof its members and our community in mind. Take a look at the names of the past Directors going back to 1879 and see if one of your ancestors is on the list!

We are proud members of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association – click here to learn more about this group. In co-operation with other farm mutual insurance companies, we are part of a financially strong system of reinsurance through Farm Mutual Re (click here to find out more) and the best solvency protection guarantee in the insurance industry. As a result, CTM can compete with the large insurance companies and insure even the largest operations.

In Our Community

As a longstanding corporate citizen, CTM supports local agriculture and community services, sponsoring local fairs, youth sports, soil and crop improvement societies, and senior support organizations. CTM donated $50,000 to both the Norfolk General Hospital Family Fund and the Waterford Arena “Raise the Roof” campaign.

Whether you need automobile, property, commercial, farm, life, or disability insurance, CTM and its affiliates can help you secure your future.

Now that you know a little about us and our story, why don’t you give us a call or stop by one of our offices for a quote.

Insure with a local company! CTM is not far away and we are here to stay!

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