CTMer Day 2023: A Celebration of Values, Vision and Adventure!

CTMers came together virtually and in person on Friday, September 15th, 2023, at the Brant Conservation Area to celebrate CTMer Day 2023!

At CTM, our employees are what make the CTM different and unique. The morning, CTMers recognized and celebrated our fellow CTMers and shared personal examples of CTMers embodying our values of Kindness, Integrity, Respect, Agility and Relationships. We run a quarterly contest called The Rock 2.0, where CTM staff nominate their fellow employees who exemplify our values. CTM Leadership and the team shared some of our recent nominations and took the opportunity to celebrate new nominations in person.

The Executive Leadership Team took this opportunity to review and share CTM’s Strategic Priorities, ongoing projects and the vision for the company’s future. This presentation also included a commitment to our values and an entertaining football story from CEO Neil Shay, highlighting the importance of doing your job as best as possible despite difficult circumstances or maybe why cornerbacks need to be fast.

CTMers then took to the Grand River for a friendly rafting competition. Staff who were able to attend were split up into four boats. Instead of a traditional race, CTMers were to take part in a scavenger hunt while rafting. Some activities included getting a picture of a cloud resembling an animal, sharing a joke with your raft team, taking a group selfie, and filling a water bottle to a set line using a Ziplock bag.

CTMer Day was another example of the leadership at CTM’s commitment to fostering an incredible working environment where our values are at the heart of everything we do. From the CTM team, thank you to leadership and corporate services for coordinating an incredible day and our CTM members; we’re sorry we were out of the office for the day. We are back and ready to serve you!

What do you think the highlight of CTMer day was?


Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn

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