CTM Employee Recognition Program: The Rock 2.0

Introducing The Rock 2.0: Celebrating Employee Excellence at CTM

We’re excited to unveil our revamped employee recognition program, The Rock 2.0, designed to recognize the outstanding contributions of our remarkable CTM team members. As a company that thrives on its employees’ dedication and hard work, The Rock 2.0 serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate their efforts.

The Rock 2.0 has a quarterly contest structure, showcasing the collective spirit of recognition within our CTM family. Each quarter, we proudly crown two winners, selected based on a point system rooted in nominations from fellow CTMers. This process not only encourages a sense of camaraderie but also shines a spotlight on those who go above and beyond.

At CTM, we firmly believe that our employees are the cornerstone of our success. The heart of The Rock 2.0 lies in CTMers acknowledging and honouring the accomplishments of their peers. Nominations are a testament to the values that define us: respect, kindness, integrity, relationships, and agility. When a CTMer exemplifies these values, their colleagues have the opportunity to put them in the spotlight through nominations.

The Rock 2.0 transcends departmental boundaries, highlighting the diverse talents and contributions that fuel our company’s growth. From the sales team that drives our business forward to the IT wizards who ensure our technological prowess and the underwriting experts who navigate complexities – all are eligible candidates for this prestigious recognition. Spanning across both offices, the winners of Q1 and Q2 are a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines CTM.

As we embark on this exciting journey with The Rock 2.0, we invite each and every CTMer to participate wholeheartedly, embracing the chance to honour exceptional colleagues and be inspired by their achievements. Together, we’ll continue to build a culture that thrives on recognition, unity, and shared success. Stay tuned for more updates as we celebrate our exceptional CTM family!


Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn

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