CTM Spotlight: Brady Henry

So, you went to Mohawk and completed the Business Insurance program. What made you choose the insurance industry? And why did you choose the agent role as opposed to underwriting or claims?

I decided to join the insurance industry as I knew I wanted to help people, which I later learned would be through insurance. I enjoy using my expertise to discuss clients’ individual risks and tailoring a policy to help protect their greatest assets.

As for becoming an agent, I chose this route since I enjoy the collaborative nature of the position. I’m excited to know that I get to go to work every day and build relationships with new people in the community. I am grateful to be able to say I wake up excited to do my Job.

What made you choose to work for a local insurer like CTM?

I was looking for a local company to further my sales career that would value my career development. When the opportunity arose, I was ecstatic to join the CTM crew. I knew of the current CTM staff before starting, so I already knew it would be a great work environment with the best coworkers!

What has stood out to you about working at a mutual like CTM?

CTM’s involvement in the community is evident. We pride ourselves in the work we do and consider our clients family. We are a company that makes it a top priority to sponsor local events and give back to local charities.

I also enjoy going on the road to see clients and meet new faces. There’s just something about sitting down with your client at a coffee table and learning more about them that excites me to do my job.

When did you join CTM?

I joined CTM in January 2023. It was a great way to kick the new year off.

Being born and raised in Waterford, what are some of your favourite local events?

Pumpkinfest is always a festival I look forward to. I can’t remember a year I ever missed the amazing firework show that is put on every year. It’s a great weekend for the community of Waterford to be brought together and to connect with family and friends I don’t get to see on a regular basis.

What is one thing you want people to know about CTM?

CTM is a company that cares about the client’s best interest. We are constantly trying to find ways to better serve our clients so they feel like they’re always in the loop on their policy.

Most people Binge TV shows these days, what show are you binge-watching?

Yellowstone is the TV series I am hooked on right now. If anyone hasn’t seen it, I would highly recommend it.

Who is your favourite sports team? And why?

This is an easy answer, the Leafs. I have some of my best childhood memories of going over to Buffalo with my dad to watch Leafs games. On another note, Buffalo has the best chicken wings!

What is your favourite outdoor activity in Waterford?

The Waterford Heritage trails are always great to get out on when I get a chance. It’s hard to beat the view looking out from Black Bridge.


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