Scholarship Winners 2022!

This year CTM was thrilled to receive scholarship submissions on volunteerism and the critical impact that volunteering has on our local communities. At CTM, we are a local insurer, and as members of our community, we are committed to protecting, contributing and giving back so we can all thrive.

Today we want to highlight two scholarship recipients, Liam and Lauren Quilty. Liam won our First Place David McNamara Memorial Scholarship Award for $2,500, and Lauren won one of the five $1,000 CTM Scholarship Awards. 

Liam’s submission highlighted the importance and impact of the Big Brothers Big Sisters charity in Haldimand-Norfolk. He shared his conclusions saying, “Big Brothers Big Sisters is a crucial charity which relies on volunteers and financial donations to help it remain successful. It has numerous programs that can provide life-changing opportunities for the children and youth who participate and also for the mentors. There are many reasons to support this organization by volunteering time and providing financial assistance.”

Laurens’s submission highlighted the Ronald McDonald House, and here is what she had to say about charity and the Ronald McDonald House, “Charity is an act of benevolence. It is the practice of giving and sharing what we have with those who do not have. This selfless giving helps to serve the most vulnerable in society and helps ensure that people’s human rights and needs are obtained. Non-profit organizations are built on this belief and teach us the importance of doing things for the greater good of society. A charity that exemplifies this belief is the Ronald McDonald House.”

Please click here for more details about the CTM Scholarship Program and awards here.

Congratulations to all of our winners! We will share the details on the CTM Scholarship Program for 2023 soon.



Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn

Evan Quinn

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